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Abrigo 4 (Pedra do Sino Shelter)

Shelter 4 is located at the top of Pedra do Sino, at about 2,200m altitude, a mountain chalet designed to receive visitors and control the use of mountain areas. The construction was designed by IBAMA’s Forest Products Laboratory, equipped with solar energy and sewage biological treatment. The current Shelter 4 was erected on the foundation ruins of the previous shelter, which was part of the shelter network in the Pedra do Sino trail. With a capacity for 30 visitors (12 bunk beds and 18 bivouacs), it also has a kitchen and hot shower.

Next to the shelter there is a camping area with a capacity for 70 people. The climber can bring his own tent or rent. In this case, our team mounts and dismounts the rented tent. This way we can offer a complete service with total comfort

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