• ATENÇÃO, Abertura de datas: No dia 04-02-2019 às 8hs, serão abertas as vagas até Dezembro 2019.

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The advance purchase of tickets allows the entrance in the park to enjoy the activities in the mountain – high portion – outside the box office opening hours*. Reservation of vacancies is required in attractions with a limited number of visitors (high portion trails, mountain shelters and high portion campsites) and is guaranteed by the intention of payment. If payment is not made within the specified period, the reservation will be automatically canceled.

PARNASO has three different venues and in each one of such venues you can enjoy several activities such as: hiking on trails, climbing, swimming in the waterfall, family picnic and historical and cultural visits. In the purchase process for visitation in the lower part, you do not have to specify which of these activities you want to enjoy, being necessary only to choose the desired venue.

There are camping areas where renting tents and bathrooms its possible, subject to availability at purchase time. Purchase of packages for the upper part must be carried out in advance, and it is not possible to adapt the package outside the official reserve tools (box office and website)

Moradores do Entorno

Morador de Petrópolis, Teresópolis, Guapimirim e Magé.