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Trilha Suspensa (Suspended Trail)

(A portion of the trail is CLOSED FOR MAINTENANCE)

One of the greatest PARNASO attractions, the suspended trail starts at Praça da Barragem. The trail has wooden floors and handrails, allowing access to wheelchair users.

Built on an aqueduct from the early 20th century, this trail crosses a stretch of Atlantic Forest high above the ground, allowing the visitor to have a closer look at the treetops.

The trail is circular, returning to the Estrada da Barragem through stairs. In the final stretch the trail reaches great heights compared to the ground (up to 8 meters) and allows for a beautiful view of the forest and PARNASO walls.

A ladder gives access to wells in the Paquequer river, a great option for a swim in hot days.

* Starting at Praça da Barragem you can walk to the staircase that descends to the left, returning to the Estrada da Barragem (Beija Flor Overlook).

Another stretch that is open to visitors is at the entrance close to the bridge over the Paquequer River up to a ladder that descends to the Ceci-Peri waterfall.

We inform that prohibited locations are signposted with an information plate and screen so that the visitor does not pass.


  • Sede Venue Teresópolis
  • Distância 1300 metros
  • Dificuldade Easy
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