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The Serra dos Órgãos National Park was founded in 1939 in order to protect the exceptional landscape and biodiversity of this section of the Serra do Mar in the Hills Region of Rio de Janeiro State. There are 20.024 hectares protected surround the counties of Teresópolis, Petrópolis, Magé and Guapimirim.

The first known occupations took place on the Park lower area, now Headquarters Guapimirim. The mansion that houses the Von Martius Museum and Visitor Center of that Headquarters, is reminiscent of the old Barreira Farm, where, around 1844, acclimatization and the cultivation of the Cinchona calisaya started. Quinine, a medicinal compound essential for the treatment of malaria at the time, was extracted. The name of the farm dates back to 1845, when a toll collection station was installed on the way that led up Serra dos Órgãos, the Serra do Couto barrier. The place is known as Barrier until nowadays.

In addition to the mansion, it is possible to identify several structures in ruins, where probably was the ancient farm terraces. Preliminary studies of the National Museum team-UFRJ found walls and foundations that seem to have belonged to the containment or drying quina structure or to the water reservoir.

The Nossa Senhora da Conceição do Soberbo Chapel, located at Guapimirim Headquarters, represents an important historical and cultural remnant of the Recôncavo da Guanabara colonial occupation period.


    The climate in the Park is tropical super-humid (with 80 to 90% relative humidity), with an annual average that varies from 13º to 23º C (reaching temperatures ranging from 38ºC to 5ºC below zero in the highest parts) and rainfall variation from 1,700 to 3,600 mm, with rainfall concentration in summer (December to March) and dry season in winter (June to August).


    The Park is home for 462 bird species, 105 mammal species, 102 amphibian species, 81 reptile species, 6 fish species and more over 500 invertebrate’s species. PARNASO protects 120 species of animals threatened with extinction.


    PARNASO protects important remnants of the Atlantic Forest, which presents four distinct vegetation physiognomies, according to altitude: sub-mountain forest, mountain forest, high altitude forests and fields.

About Parnaso
Moradores do Entorno

Morador de Petrópolis, Teresópolis, Guapimirim e Magé.