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Guapimirim Venue

The Guapimirim Venue is located at the beginning of the Rio de Janeiro x Teresópolis mountain range, km 98 of Highway BR – 116. The Venue has several trails, waterfalls and river wells, as well as a complete structure for camping with total safety for visitors, Von Martius Museum and other historic buildings.

Visitor Center and Von Martius Museum

The Von Martius Visitor Center in the Guapimirim Venue is housed in a 19th century mansion, restored to preserve its original features. The mansion belonged to the former Fazenda Barreira do Soberbo, being its owner during the Empire the medical doctor Henrique José Dias, who dedicated himself to planting cinchona (Cinchona calissaia).

This historical mansion houses a permanent exhibition with photos and information about the park, a model of the entire PARNASO area, as well as an interesting collection of works by botanist Von Martius, specialized material on the environment, a video library, and an auditorium for courses, lectures, and seminars, equipped with TV and video and with a capacity for 40 people.

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Venue Guapimirim

Sede Parnaso - Guapimirim

Venue Teresópolis

Sede Parnaso - Teresópolis

Venue Petrópolis

Sede Parnaso - Petrópolis

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