Guidelines for the conscious walker
  1. Carrying a light backpack, the ascents of the Açuand Sino takes from 3 to 5 hours. Set a deadline to return, around 2pm. Come back at the end time even if you have not reached the end of the way. And always have a flashlight and spare batteries in your backpack.
  2. Carrying a heavy backpack the ascents of Açuand Sino can take more than 6 hours. Take care of the most tired or slower walkers and never leave them alone.
  3. Be smart when preparing the backpack. Avoid unnecessary weight and try, as far as possible, to carry everything inside the backpack, packing the items in plastic bags to protect them from rain during the walk.
  4. The trail to Sino is wide and well defined. The trail to Açu, on the other hand, has narrow stretches, especially in the Chapadão, where the trail gives way to a great rocky shore. At night or in a foggy day, it can be very difficult to find the route.
  5. Temperatures at the top of the Park often approach 0 ° C. Take enough warm clothes and never forget the anorak or a good raincoat, even with a good weather forecast.
  6. Use the existing camp sites. Do not open new gaps, shortcut or make campfires. The places allowed for camping are Açu and Pedra do Sino.
  7. The stretch from Açu to Sino of the Petrópolis – Teresópolis Crossing is a demanding trail. Carrying backpack, the the walker can take the whole day. There are hard climbs, steep stretches on the rocks, and some technical knowledge may be required, like using ropes, especially in Mergulho and Cavalinho. With many slabs of stone, it is a difficult route to follow. It is advisable to have an experienced guide or be accompanied by someone who knows the route well.
  8. Pay more attention and take care if it`s rainning. Steep stretches can become very dangerous and walking on wet ground greatly increases trail erosion. For these reasons, in case of bad weather, avoid the Petrópolis-Teresópolis Crossing.
  9. Under no circumstances make faeces or urine near water collection points. Bury the stool along the toilet paper. A good suggestion is to use a small gardener’s spade. Never bury or leave wet wipes, which contains synthetic material whose decomposition takes many years.
  10. If washing pans, scrape the leftovers first and collect them with your trash. Then take water and wash the dishes and utensils away from the water. Keep the water course clean, with no residue.
  11. Do not open or use shortcuts. Shortcuts usually disorient the right route, may confuse hikers and create serious erosions.
  12. Many people go to the mountains seeking peace and quiet. Respect their option. Do not make noise, especially at night at camp sites.
  13. Take all your trash back, including bullet papers and cigarette butts. Keep all well packaged so it does not fall in the way. If you can, take even the trash that you may find on the path.
  14. If you find someone disrespecting the mountain or other visitors, approach politely and take a conversation. Try to get another partner for both environmental preservation and good fellowship.
Moradores do Entorno

Morador de Petrópolis, Teresópolis, Guapimirim e Magé.