Know the venue Teresópolis

Located in the city’s urban area, the Teresópolis Venue is the main one in PARNASO. It offers visitors a complete leisure infrastructure in natural surroundings, offering a pleasant day for the whole family. In addition to the numerous trails with amazing views, river wells, visitor center with an interpretive exhibition and natural water pools, it has an internal 3 km road that facilitates access to all visitation locations.

VISITOR CENTER – Model and Interactive Room

Among the attractions are the mockup with animation and audio explaining the characteristics of the Park and highlighting the main points, animal reproductions, and computers with multimedia presentation and themed games.

In the interactive room, you can hear bird calls and vocalizations of mammals or enhance the ability to see animals in the forest.

The Visitor Center also has a coffee shop and souvenir shop, with embroidered T-shirts, books, supplies for walks in the Park and other souvenirs.

LEISURE AREAS – Natural Water Pool and Picnic Area

The Natural Water Pool is one of the most traditional PARNASO attractions. Highly sought after in the summer, it is a beautiful background for picnics and recreational activities in the cold winter of the Serra.

The leisure area for visitors in the lower part of the Teresópolis Venue is all signposted and has a parking lot. One hundred meters away from the entrance, the Paquequer river provides a nice swim in the waterfall, just above the stone pool.

The Caxinguelê trail, cut by the Paquequer River, is a light and pleasant walk, where the visitor comes in contact with nature. Those who spend the day in the Park can not miss the Santa Helena and Colina forests, designed by the architect and landscape architect Ângelo Murgel, with refuges, lots of shade, picnic tables and benches and bathrooms.

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